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2017-03-10  Tim Niemuellersrv: add navgraph service types for search and pairwise... master
2017-03-10  Tim Niemuellermsg: add message to describe cost for path between...
2017-01-31  Tim Niemuellerpackage: update version, fix author name
2017-01-31  Tim Niemuelleraction: add NavGraphGoto action for ros-navgraph-breakout
2016-06-08  Tim Niemuellermsg: add navgraph related messages
2016-06-08  Tim Niemuellerbuildsys: change generator args to file globs
2016-05-27  Tim Niemuellerservices: add webview related services
2015-11-17  Tim Niemuellerbuildsys: catkinize fawkes_msgs package
2014-10-31  Tim NiemuellerSkillStatus: message for passively observing the skill... fuerte
2014-10-31  Tim Niemueller.gitignore: ignore more temporary and ROS files
2014-10-10  Till HofmannExecSkill: Add ExecSkill action
2014-10-10  Till HofmannInitial commit