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libwebview: remove duplicate function after merge
[fawkes.git] / src / libs / webview / reply.cpp
2018-05-29  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: remove duplicate function after merge
2018-05-29  Tim NiemuellerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/webview-2.0'
2018-04-25  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: fix cache handling for static replies
2018-04-08  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: add functor to disable caching on reply
2018-04-03  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: allow per-reply caching setting
2018-04-03  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: allow setting reply code later
2018-03-30  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: some parameter constness in WebReply
2018-03-29  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: convert __old_style to new_style_
2018-03-24  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: add method to add std::string to body
2018-03-24  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: support re-setting reply code
2014-02-25  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: associate WebReply with WebRequest
2014-02-25  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: rename WebReply::response_code_t to WebRepl...
2014-02-25  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: fix documentation of DynamicWebReply::size()
2013-08-16  Tim Niemuellerlibwebview: support disabling client-side caching
2011-05-28  Tim Niemuellerwebview: add WebReply::add_header() convenience method
2009-10-07  Tim NiemuellerWebview documentation update
2009-10-07  Tim NiemuellerMoved libfawkeswebview to fawkes namespace
2009-10-07  Tim NiemuellerWebview refactoring
2009-10-07  Tim NiemuellerMoved webview base classes to own library, preparing...