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robot-memory: fix include circular dependency
[fawkes.git] / src / plugins / robot-memory / robot_memory.h
2018-05-29  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: fix include circular dependency
2018-04-26  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: add support for mutex lock expiration
2018-04-26  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: add method to renew an existing lock
2018-04-25  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: support passing an explicit identity...
2018-04-25  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: configurable mutex collection
2018-04-24  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: add support for mutexes for locking
2018-04-24  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: add find_one_and_modify method
2018-04-17  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: add API to create index
2017-07-17  Tim Niemuellerrobot-memory: remove mongod handling and adapt initiali...
2017-05-30  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: experimental aggregation support
2017-04-18  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: completed documentation for doxygen/make...
2017-04-18  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: aggregation support with unittest
2017-04-18  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: map-reduce support with unittest
2017-01-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: access local/shared mongods with differen...
2017-01-11  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: fixed computable/trigger registration...
2016-12-12  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: priorize computables
2016-11-23  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: caching computables
2016-11-23  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: function to insert vector of documents
2016-11-23  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: fixed template function for trigger regis...
2016-11-23  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: give collection in computable function
2016-11-01  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: moved computables in subfolder
2016-10-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: registering, checking, and executing...
2016-10-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: class and api skeleton for computables
2016-10-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: improved documentation
2016-10-06  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: tests and fixes for event triggers
2016-10-06  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: handling trigger callback functions
2016-10-06  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: first prototype for event triggers using...
2016-09-28  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: use default db name when modified for...
2016-09-21  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: add upsert option in update function
2016-09-21  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: use BSONObj and Query in API
2016-09-21  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: dump and restore collections
2016-09-21  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: better logging functions
2016-09-21  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: configurable debug output
2016-09-21  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: appropriate return values for query,inser...
2016-09-21  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: clearer api functions
2016-09-21  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: provide aspect for using the RobotMemory