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2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bschaepers/pddl... bschaepers/asp-aspect-rm
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bschaepers/gcc...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bschaepers/logging...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/robot...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/sub_proc...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Correctly detect the end of solving
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Add option to specify clingo thread behavior
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Fix logging.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Planer: Fix log warnings.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Add model mutex and hold it longer.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Fix stringstream to append new information.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Add possibility to use more threads for...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Add possibility to activate clingo debug...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Reorder debug priority.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Remove command line options.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Added convenience functions regarding exter...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: No output if grounding 0 parts.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Print message on resetting clingo.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Use domain heuristics for solving.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Print if we know we have an optimal model.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Added multiple debug levels.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Add enumerator for the found models.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Use references for externals.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Add possible ground callback.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Added ability to reset Clingo.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Use cmake clingo everywhere.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Add ability to start solving not async.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Use the lambda.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Use correct function for atom to string...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Use the cmake version of clingo.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Add the asp plugin to the Makefile.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Added external handling.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Use a different name for the member.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Added access wrapper class.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASPAspect: Use the clingo control manager for the aspects.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Prepared aspect and inifin for the control...
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Added ClingoManagerAspect.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP-Aspect: Added ClingoControlManager
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersASP Aspect: Use Fawkes logging for Clingo.
2017-03-31  Bjoern SchaepersAdded ASP aspect.
2017-03-22  Frederik Zwillingsub_process: fixed header reference for make check
2017-03-22  Frederik ZwillingMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bschaepers/clips...
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersperception-pcl-db: Fix logging warnings
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersperception-tabletop-object: Fix logging warnings
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersnavgraph: Fix logging warnings.
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaeperscolli: Fix logging warnings.
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersdynamixel: Fix logging warnings #2
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersdynamixel: Fix logging warnings #1
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersmongodb-log: Fix logging warnings
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersmongorrd: Fix log warnings
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersjoystick: Fix logging warnings
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaepersbblogger: Fix log warning
2017-03-12  Bjoern Schaeperslogging: Add semantic checks for logging statements
2017-03-07  Bjoern Schaeperspddl-planner: Fix logging warnings
2017-03-07  Bjoern Schaepersclips-rm: Add locking of CLIPS envorionment
2017-02-16  Victor MatarĂ©robot-memory: fix RobotMemorySetup::prepare_mongodb_path()
2017-02-09  Tim NiemuellerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/plugins-paral...
2017-02-03  Tim Niemuellerplugins: add missing ordering constraints
2017-02-02  Frederik Zwillingopenrave: made block smaller
2017-02-02  Bjoern SchaepersBuildsys-GCC: Add flags for C++14 and C++17.
2017-02-01  Tim Niemuellerfawkescore: mark as version 1.0.1 1.0.1
2017-02-01  Tim NiemuellerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/modules-witho...
2017-02-01  Tim NiemuellerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-navgraph...
2017-02-01  Tim NiemuellerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/fvfountain...
2017-02-01  Tim NiemuellerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/vis-colormap'
2017-02-01  Tim Niemuelleropenprs-agent: build OpenPRS modules without SOVER
2017-02-01  Tim Niemuelleropenprs: build OpenPRS modules without SOVER
2017-02-01  Tim Niemuellergazsim-robotino: build Gazebo plugins without SOVER
2017-02-01  Tim Niemuellergazsim-localization: build Gazebo plugin without SOVER
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellerros-navgraph-breakout: allow global path planning and...
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellerros: fix Makefile typos
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellerros-navigator: cleanup, add missing stub, fix message...
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellernetcomm: remove left-over debug printout
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellerconfig: add navgraph path execution flag
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellernavgraph: allow to disable path execution capability
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellerfvfountain: IPv4/IPv6 configuration support
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellernetcomm: documentation fix
2017-01-27  Tim Niemuellerfvutils: IPv6 compatibility for FuseServer
2017-01-27  Frederik Zwillingclips-robot-memory: small makefile fix when mongodb...
2017-01-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: skip repl-set initialization when specifi...
2017-01-27  Frederik Zwillingmongodb: properly connect to full replica set
2017-01-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: set oplog-size during startup
2017-01-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: access local/shared mongods with differen...
2017-01-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory-test: larger wait for trigger response
2017-01-27  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: more locks to guarantee thread safety
2017-01-24  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: setup without journaling to avoid blockin...
2017-01-11  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: fixed unit test for blackboard computable
2017-01-11  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: fixed computable/trigger registration...
2017-01-11  Frederik Zwillingrobot-memory: updated interfaces with new master
2017-01-10  Frederik Zwillingopenrave-robot-memory: Added makefile dependencies
2016-12-22  Tim Niemuellerfawkescore: mark as version 1.0.0 1.0.0
2016-12-22  Tim NiemuellerUpdate AUTHORS with all contributors
2016-12-22  Tim NiemuellerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/freebsd-fixes'
2016-12-22  Tim Niemuelleramcl: fix ambiguous use of std::abs with clang/libc++
2016-12-22  Tim Niemuellernetcomm: add missing include for clang/libc++
2016-12-22  Tim Niemuellernetcomm: fix ambiguous template parameter name
2016-12-22  Tim Niemuellerfvutils: fix seemingly ambiguous use of std::abs
2016-12-22  Tim Niemuellerfvutils: fix invalid call in JPEG compressor
2016-12-22  Tim Niemuellerlibconfig: add missing includes for YAML config
2016-12-22  Tim Niemuellerlibbaseapp: destroy main thread later