Project Description Owner Last Change
fawkes-archive.git Fawkes Archive Tim Niemueller 5 months ago
fawkes-eduapp.git Fawkes EduApp (Fedora Robotics) Tim Niemueller 4 years ago
fawkes.git Fawkes Robotics Software Framework Tim Niemueller 17 hours ago
fawkes_msgs.git ROS messages related to Fawkes components Tim Niemueller 11 months ago
gazebo-models.git Custom Gazebo models used in Fawkes repos Frederik Zwilling 2 weeks ago
jfawkes.git Fawkes Java Client Library Tim Niemueller 20 months ago
jfawkesapp.git Fawkes Android Client Application Tim Niemueller 2 years ago
libkindrv.git Open Source driver for Kinova robot arms Bahram Maleki-Fard 3 months ago
llsf-puck-tool.git LLSF Puck Tool for Android Tim Niemueller 2 years ago
llsf-refbox-viewer-app.git LLSF RefBox Viewer Android App Alexander von Wirth No commits
llsf-refbox.git RoboCup Logistics League Referee Box Tim Niemueller 11 days ago
oe-nao.git OpenEmbedded for Nao (ZaDeAt Flavor) Tim Niemueller 5 years ago
protobuf_comm_java.git Java port of the protobuf_comm library Tim Niemueller 15 months ago
rosfawkes.git Fawkes embedded in a ROS package/node Tim Niemueller 11 months ago