Project Description Owner Last Change
fawkes-archive.git Fawkes Archive Tim Niemueller 10 months ago
fawkes-eduapp.git Fawkes EduApp (Fedora Robotics) Tim Niemueller 3 years ago
fawkes.git Fawkes Robotics Software Framework Tim Niemueller 45 hours ago
fawkes_msgs.git ROS messages related to Fawkes components Tim Niemueller 6 weeks ago
gazebo-models.git Custom Gazebo models used in Fawkes repos Frederik Zwilling 4 weeks ago
jfawkes.git Fawkes Java Client Library Tim Niemueller 10 months ago
jfawkesapp.git Fawkes Android Client Application Tim Niemueller 22 months ago
libkindrv.git Open Source driver for Kinova robot arms Bahram Maleki-Fard 5 weeks ago
llsf-puck-tool.git LLSF Puck Tool for Android Tim Niemueller 19 months ago
llsf-refbox-viewer-app.git LLSF RefBox Viewer Android App Alexander von Wirth No commits
llsf-refbox.git RoboCup Logistics League Referee Box Tim Niemueller 4 months ago
oe-nao.git OpenEmbedded for Nao (ZaDeAt Flavor) Tim Niemueller 4 years ago
protobuf_comm_java.git Java port of the protobuf_comm library Tim Niemueller 5 months ago
rosfawkes.git Fawkes embedded in a ROS package/node Tim Niemueller 6 weeks ago